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I'm Nicki Nance, retired psychotherapist and not retired counselor educator and psychology professor.

In deference to the legion of clients who left their guts on the floor of my therapy office, I have dedicated this website to the other ways people get better -- through education, collegial relationships, knowing glances, exquisite questions, risk taking, resonance with strangers, challenge of familiars, and all that goes with political views that are just a little left of John Lennon.

Poke around the website.  Here's what I have planned.

  • A resource page for articles, documents, book lists, slides, and links requested by students, educators, colleagues, clients, and friends
  • A blog for your comments and questions
  • A link to my space on Second Life, where we can meet for livelier discussions
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else we can find each other.
I believe in the power of the unfold, so I suspect that what I do not have planned will be even richer. If you are reading this, it already is. - Nicki